About Us

Building Information and Management Society International - BIMSI.ORG - is a global community with both on-line and real-world presence, incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit organization in the USA, and dedicated to: Exploration, Dissemination and Education of and about the convergence of digital information and physical elements in building and infrastructure.


BIMSI envisions and advocates for an immediate future in which cities, buildings and building components become databases of themselves with embedded interfaces for intuitive human interaction with spatial-environmental performance, occupancy, usage patterns and total life cycle sustainability.

The Hestia Project

The Hestia Project is a BIMSI program started by Olivia Wang and Sage Murthy, two high school students from Los Angeles, California. The goal of this project is to promote Advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, which could help streamline the development process of low-income housing and/or shelter projects for homeless.


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