Hestia project was presented at Alhambra City Council Meeting

August 22, 2022                                     "Hestia Program" Leaders spoke at Alhambra City Council's Meeting

Click here to watch - Hestia Program Leaders Spoke from Recording Time 1:34:00 to 1:48:20.

Sage Murthy(Left) and Olivia Wang(right) spoke at Alhambra City Council's meeting - Public Comments.


They presented their research on Homeless issues and low-income housing development in the United States., especially in Los Angeles area.

They proposed some solutions which may improve the speed of the low-income housing development, which would further help on reducing homeless people on streets.


They picked a site from city's potential low-income housing development list and further proposed mobile housing units on site. Click here to see the proposed project at the meeting.


Highlights from council members' comments:

  • Excellent presentation!
  • It’s really well thought out and well researched.
  • It was very impressive and a lot of the themes that we have talked about in the last few years. So, thank you for focusing on this.
  • Research like this is really critical. Having this conversation - we need all types of housing.
  • I love your ideas of using empty shipping containers.
  • You see pride in every one of our faces including our city manager, that young people are really concerned about this issue.